Template for Letter of Support to Mayor Menino

For wide circulation -- please update and amend as necessary

Email to: mayor@cityofboston.gov
Phone: 617-635-4500
Online message:

Dear Mayor Menino,

RE: Occupy Boston

We may live in a time when commerce and business seem to hold sway over the society, but it has always been the spirit and minds of new generations that have been the engine of democracy.

Without democracy, the nation will become a wasteland of fallen hope. Occupy Boston carries the torch of the original move for self-rule and justice -- An open forum for ideas and putting democracy into practice in real-time.

Let us be the city that upholds the rights of people to assemble peacefully when we need solutions to a failing system. To attempt to stop them, is an attempt to stop true democracy in progress.

They are sturdy, smart, courageous people. Let us celebrate their determination, for Boston's weather surely presents enough challenge to them as it is, this Autumn--a time that marks the longest American war in history.

I salute you for showing your tolerance for this movement of the people. I salute the police who have stood by them and protect them. Let this city continue to be the city that respects democracy, and chooses people over profit and corruption. Now is the time to act with conscience.

I urge you to continue to stand by them and protect them as they practice true democracy in their work for peace and prosperity for all.

With best regards,