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Camp Support Logistics


Video Streaming Proposal

Technology and Social Policy




It sounds like the Media tent has a mesh server running though I am hearing that the live stream is inconsistent from users. Does the media team need additional help maintaining more persistent or higher throughput connections?

Secondly, general internet access in the camp could be improved I am sure. would it be worth while to explore methods of bringing connectivity to the area in general?


A small number of bike generators are available - it is rumored they are being used only to charge devices [please clarify]. What other power needs does the camp have? Does anyone know the rules with what can be brought into the park with regard to power? Gas generators and propane lamps are assumed to be out of the question, though it is disputable; the Occupation already disregards other legal statures. Has the occupation heard a proposal regarding generators?


What if anything should we be concerned about in this area?

Logistical Management

What is the camp doing for tracking information that is shared and for keeping inventory? What can be improved to make things go quicker/be easier?


Obviously media is already working on quite a few things. Is there anything that media might like to see assuming we figure things out like power?


What is in place for communication. Are there hand radios? Do we have methods for getting data out of the area should wireless and/or local area internet is cut off for extended periods of time?