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A task is a suggestion of action. Tasks often require exploration to be completed. [task: finish this intro]
The most important aspect of a wiki is clarity. Every page on the wiki should clearly represent a specific idea. You can clarify the intent of a page (and thereby direct its future use) by adding a precise description of its function, which will strongly promote the healthy growth of the wiki.


  • Please browse Occupy Boston's Wiki Guidelines and Formatting Tips to promote unity.
  • When a task has been completed,
    • 'Strike Through' the task. To strike through: highlight text, click the 'T' button (to the right of Bold/Italics/Underline buttons) and check the box 'Strike Through.'
    • Post notes for further improvement and discussion
  • Encourage everyone you know to visit and contribute to OccupyBoston.Wikispaces.com
  • Not all current tasks may be posted on this list. Instead they will generally be found [in brackets] at the top of the page.

At Home

To be completed by anyone possessing internet access.

Efficiency Issues

Please Format and add Content to these pages to promote the efficiency of our wiki.

General Wiki Tasks

  • Illustrate the various Hand Signals used in GA for the About page. Currently we are using photos from the NYC GA Guide, but they are of low quality (and a little creepy).

Press Monitoring

  • Find every scrap of text, video, radio, photo, etc. about the Occupy Boston movement and post to appropriate Press pages.
  • Develop a simple system to organize and categorize our many media links.

General Assembly Minutes

Finding a record of previous General Assemblies can be very difficult. It is hard to prove our horizontal democracy without documentation, so GA Minutes should be posted on the wiki. Please also provide video archives. Video logs are usually available from Livestream on the day of the GA, but there are a few missing from the records.
  • Collect and Transcribe GA Minutes for text and video archives