On 10/13/11 the GA reached consensus to:
Start gathering submissions for the official statement of purpose (SOP) of Occupy Boston and get them on the wiki

  • see full proposal
    • DISCLAIMER: This space is for people to post working drafts and ideas of statements of purpose for Occupy Boston. These ideas on this page DO NOT reflect the consensus of the General Assembly. Rather, this is a place where people can contribute, edit, and discuss ideas.

click on Discussion tab for SOP's

Questions to think about:

  • Why do we occupy?
  • Why is the world messed up? What specifically is messed up about the world?
  • We chant, "Another world is possible." What would your ideal world look like?
  • If you could do just one thing to make the world better, what would you do?

Ways to contribute

  • SOP working drafts are posted in the library tent for people to read and comment on. The comments will be transcribed and added to the discussion tab of the SOP submission
  • Go to discussion. Read and comment on proposals listed.
  • To post your SOP...
    • Click on the Discussion tab.
    • click 'new post'
    • In the subject field put your short, "tweetlike" summary of your Statement of Purpose .
    • Write a more extensive exploration of your idea in the message box.

SOP Inspiration

This is where we can put other statements (i.e. OWS, Declaration of Independence) as well as editorials, pieces of theory, etc. that we might find useful to think with. Sometimes it's good to rub our ideas against other people's ideas--then sparks fly in interesting ways.