This page describes how to create an online identity that cannot be traced back to your real identity. This would be desirable if you wish to participate in online activity with privacy and anonymity.

  1. Get tor. Follow the instructions on the tor website to ensure that you have successfully anonymized your internet browser. Go to to make sure.
  2. Within your anonymized internet browser, create a temporary email address using 10 minute mail. This email address is not secure and its inbox could be viewed by anyone, but that's okay. You'll only need it for the next few minutes.
  3. Create a fastmail free email account. Click the link that says "personal sign up" and then choose the free plan. You will be required to enter a "current email". Use the 10 minute mail you set up in the previous step.
  4. Go back to 10 minute mail and click the "10 more minutes" link. The page will refresh and you should see your fastmail confirmation in the "inbox". Click the confirmation link, or copy it to a new browser tab if it is unformatted. You fastmail account is now activated. Change the fastmail account password because, remember, the 10 minute mail account is not secure. Anyone could see that confirmation link.
  5. OK now you have a completely anonymous email address that can be used for sign-ups on any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Remember to always use tor when signing on using this identity. If you fail to do so, then you should consider the identity compromised and create a new one.

It's a good idea to set your browser's privacy settings to not save anything from one browsing session to the next. If you are allowing cookies to be saved, for example, then the next time you open your browser and hit a Facebook link, for example, you will be automatically and unanonymously (is that even a word?) signed in to Facebook. The way to avoid this is to (1) make sure the browser dumps everything when you close it, and (2) always, always start tor before opening your browser. Set your browser's start page to as a reminder!

Any cyber security or privacy experts out there please feel free to edit, enhance, correct or otherwise clarify this page!