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This is the home page for the Logistics Committee of Occupy Boston.
The Medical Committee also requires supplies.


October 09, 2011

The Food Committee needs:
  • salad dressing (preferably vegan)
  • oil/vinegar
  • a big coffee maker 100 cup or so
  • hand sanitizer

October 07, 2011

The Food Committee needs more hand sanitizer.

October 07, 2011
  • Tent stakes: Skinny metal ones and wide plastic ones.
  • Non-disposable dish & cutlery: No glass. That's a safety hazard waiting to happen, and we're happy with our no-injury record so far.
  • Tables: Folding ones are a favorite.
  • Plywood and/or pallets: The ground here is muddy, and we make paths between the tents with this stuff. The stuff we have now is a) not quite sufficient and b) in bad condition.
  • Blankets: Yes, we still need these. We've received many donations, but we still need more. If you're planning to join us and take up residence, we recommend bringing two blankets for yourself, plus one additional blanket for every friend you'd like to make the instant you show up.
  • Warm gloves: All types, all sizes. This isn't sexy but the weather's going to get increasingly cold as we stay here, and we'd like to keep moving things around and generally taking our hands out of our pockets on a regular basis.
  • Drivers: We have a lot of people who have supplies in their homes that they can't easily move on the T. We also have businesses willing to make donations if we can show up and take delivery. Most of the occupiers do not have cars - if you're working during the day and want to help at night, this would be a great way. (If you have supplies in your home, or your business is willing to donate, and you need a driver, contact us here or at @OBLogistics.)

Additionally, while food donations are still welcome (and we are head-over-heels in love with Food Not Bombs for all the help they've provided so far) we could use some extra bins to put some of this stuff in so as to disappoint the local rat population. Also someone kindly donated more apples than we can possibly eat before they go bad, so please, no more apples for a week or so.

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