Instructions for Uploading Minutes (For GA and Working Groups):

  1. Please save the minutes as a plain text file (.txt format) on your computer.
    1. The naming convention is: "GA_Minutes" (Use GA for General Assembly or a short name for your working group), underscore, the first three letters of the month, underscore, a two digit number for the day, underscore, a four digit number for the year, underscore, and then "Morning" or "Evening". (i.e. GA_Minutes_Oct_09_2011_Evening.txt)
  2. To upload the document, follow these instructions:
    1. When you edit this wiki page there is a button in the editing toolbar called 'File.' (To the right of 'Link' - It has a little green icon of a sunrise.) Click on 'File' and then upload the text file from your computer.
    2. When the file is uploaded, there is a drop down menu on the right side of that pop-up window entitled "Click to." You want to select the "Link to File" option.
    3. In the Search Bar, type in the file name of the text file you uploaded. Click on it. A link to this document will automatically be put into the wiki for you.
    4. Please highlight this link and format it to "Heading 3" To do this you select the Heading 3 option in the drop-down menu in your Editing toolbar.
    5. Press 'Save!'
    6. Thank you!

For an example of how a Minutes page looks review the GA Minutes page