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Proposal: To establish a foundational agreement of Sovereignty and Solidarity for global Entities.

The internet currently connects roughly 1 of every 6 persons. It is the primary vehicle by which we organize social movements. While there are pockets of fully connected/disconnected people, the diversity of voices known and represented expands rapidly. The internet implores in us an awareness of the sum of human knowledge; this is the Social Singularity. We must therefore organize a Global Forum dedicated to building upon that awareness, addressing the implications of a global and socially connected society. This will lead inevitably to the establishment of global working groups due to the naturally induced hierarchy of organized knowledge. This document suggests a possible commencement of that global forum.

Proposal, part 1

It is proposed that there be established a Global Forum.
  • The Global Forum would perform the task of 'Mothering' the global human society as if it were a single cooperative entity. This would include the following Promotions:
    1. the Provision Of Human Needs,
    2. the Equality Of Human Individuals, and
    3. the Exploration Of Human Knowledge.
    4. [>more?]
  • The structure of the Global Forum must continuously recognize and adapt to the evolving global society.

Proposal, part 2

The Structure of the Global Forum shall consist of Tiers of Working Groups.


  • Alpha: Contains Five Global Working Groups:
    • Zero: Archive - Transparently Records All Actions by Working Groups
    • One: Awareness - Analyzes Proposals by Working Groups
    • Two: Mother - Analyzes the Sum of Society's Functions; Promotes Societal Health
    • Three: Foundations - Addresses the Implications of a Globally Organized Society
    • Four: Counsel - Interprets Legal Regulations
  • Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc: Working Groups may Establish 'Internal' Tiers

Alpha Tier: Global Working Groups

In addition to the following named responsibilities, all Global Groups must Respond to all Awareness Reports published by Chaos. The requirements of such a Response are yet to be determined.

Zero: Archive

- The streamlined version of one function of the Legislative Branch of US Gov.
All actions by Working Groups is to be Logged in the Archive's three sections:
  • History - similar to the History function of a wiki
  • Current Legal Regulations - to be understood by all Sovereign Entities
    • Establishes Definition of all Legal Language
  • Current Issues - all Reports and Official Report Responses from Global Groups

One: Awareness, aka Chaos

[needs clarification]
- A meld of some Executive (Pres.) and Legislative duties of US Gov.

Chaos shall perform the following Organizational Functions:
  • Proposals and Proposal Analysis Reports (PARs):
    • Collect Global Proposals from Global Groups
    • Review Global Proposals - Analyze Clarity, Efficiency, Effects, (etc.?)
    • Produce an Awareness Report: Proposal Analysis Report (PAR)
  • Global Analysis Responses (GARs):
    • Collect GPARs from Global Groups
    • Review GPARs - Analyze Clarity, Efficiency, Effects, (etc.?)
    • Produce an Awareness Report: Updated Proposal Analysis Report (UPAR)
  • Perform other duties determined by Zeus or Gaia

Two: Mother, aka Gaia

- A meld of some Executive (Pres.) and Legislative duties of US Gov.
Gaia shall perform the following Organizational Functions:
  • Determine the implications of Awareness Reports
    • Determine Tasks necessitated by Awareness Reports
    • Delegate Tasks to appropriate Working Groups for Implementation (Note: the Creation/Institution of a Working Group is considered a Task)
  • Monitors the Health of the Global Community
    • Perform continuous research regarding the Efficiency of all Functions in the Global Community
    • Submit Proposals to Alter the Current Legal Regulations of the Global Community in order to maximize the Efficiency of Functions
  • Perform other duties determined by Zeus or Chaos

Three: Foundation, aka Muses

- Not a Current Function of US Gov (questionable). Probably would be executed by the Executive (Pres.) or the Legislative Branch of US Gov.
  • Determine the Philosophical Requirements of Global Governance to establish a Foundation of Policy
    • Submit 'Legal Regulations' Proposals

Four: Counsel, aka Zeus

- Essentially equal to the Judicial Branch of US Gov.
Zeus shall Determine the Status of Charges of Encroachment
  • Hold counsel interpreting Charges and Legal Regulations
    • Determine the Depth/Gravity of Encroachment by Offenders
    • Issue Actions for the Correction of Encroachment
  • Act as Counsel regarding
  • Perform other duties determined by Chaos or Gaia
  • Police, et al. [needs clarification]

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