This page is meant to introduce contributors to efficient formatting methods.

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The most important aspect of a wiki is clarity. Every page on the wiki should clearly represent a specific idea. You can clarify the intent of a page (and thereby direct its future use) by adding a precise description of its function, which will strongly promote the healthy growth of the wiki.

For further general editing help, see the Tutorial.
For further text formatting help, see WikiText Help.

Editing Styles: Visual vs WikiText

  • In 'Edit' mode, click the drop-down next to 'Save' to select WikiText Editor.
  • Using WikiText Editor may appear more confusing at first (viewing plain text vs. the 'final' product), but it is well worth learning. I highly recommend that everyone learn the following basics:

Getting Started

Let's use this page as an example:
  • Please read this page in 'WikiText Editor' mode:
    • Click 'Edit' in the top right, then select WikiText Editor.
  • Notice that the Table of Contents widget has been replaced by [[toc]] on the top line.
  • Notice how the text can be manipulated:
    • Headings are denoted by equals signs.
    • Bold is denoted by double-stars.
    • Italics is denoted by double-slashes.
    • Underline is denoted by double-underscores.
  • Bullet-lists are denoted by a number of stars followed by a space, and only at the beginning of a line.
    • The number of stars...
      • ...indicates the level...
        • ...of the bullet-list.


  • Headings are used to automatically generate a Table of Contents ([[toc]]).
  • Headings should be short, especially when you intend to insert a [[toc]].

There are...

...up to...

...six layers...
...of headings!

Bypassing Text Manipulation

  • Text manipulation on the WikiText Editor can be bypassed by using a double 'back-tic.'
  • The 'back-tic' is generally located on the same key as the tilde ~, next to the 1 key.
  • Surround 'manipulation' text with double back-tics to disable the 'manipulation' of that text.

Final Notes

  • It can be frightening to edit pages with the WikiText Editor, because you will often see stuff like <span yadda yadda>...</span> which takes up a lot of space in WikiText mode, but doesn't appear at all in Visual mode. Don't worry! Any changes that prove detrimental to the function of the wiki can be un-done! Simply click the 'History' tab at the top of the page, view a selection, and revert to that selection.
  • It takes only a little bit of exploration to get the hang of general formatting. If more of us are able to create neat and orderly pages, then more of us will be able to navigate those pages! A wiki is primarily about the efficient delivery of information, so let's be efficient!
  • To test your skills, please click on 'Housekeeping' from the navigation bar. This will bring you to a 'Sandbox' - a place to try things out before implementing them elsewhere.
  • For further general editing help, see the Tutorial.
  • For further text formatting help, see WikiText Help.

Have Fun Editing!