Meeting Notes
(in reverse chronological order)

Standard Agenda Items:

30 second moment of silence
introductions/go-arounds (pass around contact sheet - in back of F&S notebook)
review notes from last meeting - open action items, what did/didn't get done?
new proposals (scheduling, events, improvements, logistics, etc.)
synchronize schedule with offsite scheduling (designate someone to call/connect with online planning group)
pass around Sacred Space Host schedule sign-up sheet - ask for on-call hosts, too.
plan nightly GA announcements
30 second moment of silence

Notes meeting 10/21/11

Proposal 1: Sleeping issues
--10 people were found sleeping in the space night of 10/20
a) Let all of logistics know that persons looking for a spot to sleep should not be directed to the Faith and Spirituality tent. Make paper flyers with this information so that new volunteers at logistics will know.
b) Host should arrive at 9pm
c) At the 12pm meeting host should be designated and if no one volunteers there should be an emergency contact list

Proposal 2: New space
Create a new space for sleeping or suggest to logistics that there should be another space created for extra sleepers

Proposal 3: Work group laptop
We should get a community laptop
Each day it will be assigned to the note taker of our meeting, and that person will be responsible for it for the next 24hrs, will post notes from meeting to the fb group, and the next day at 12pm will pass it on to the next note taker. Will travel from hands to hands and not be left anywhere.

Proposal 4: Financial matters
Online donation account
Physical donation box in tent
Online request for donations
We could have a fundraiser within the art gallery space that was donated for use to occupy Boston, we could have a speaker or a workshop led to gather people together for this event.

Proposal 5: Laundry
There are 6 medium sized trash bags full of laundry
We need at least 4 volunteers to carry them
There is apparently a Laundromat that has given us free access? Where is it?
Otherwise there is a Landromat across from Haymarket stop

Proposal 6: Request for donations
Requests for donations: battery operated xmas lights, tent, laptop

Proposal 7: Receiving our allotted $100 per week
Someone should figure out how to receive our allotted $100 per week

Eric said that he would take responsibility for gathering a group to go do laundry tomorrow, I separated stuff into smaller bags so they would be able to be carried, but we were wondering where the laundromat that has allowed us to do laundry for free is located?

10/19 12p
Attendance: Olivia (facilitator), Leona, Eric, Libby, Sam, Marty, Dawn, Christa, Robin, Cindy, Curran

Review last meetings notes.

New Proposals:

PASSED - Announce our sleeping in the tent policy at tonight's GA: Robin
We decided that in order to make the space available 24 hours to community members who wish to use it for its intended purpose, we will limit the number of people sleeping in the tent to 3, including the host, at the discretion of the overnight host. Sleeping will be restricted to the hours between midnight and 8:30. Safety has been notified, and will no longer direct lost campers to our tent to sleep.

PASSED - designated note-taker will be responsible for getting the notes online so that they can be shared with the rest of the planning collective

PASSED - we will use the wiki

Point of Information: Occupy Boston IT is in the process of transitioning all working groups to an Occupy Boston domain (instead of google groups, etc.)

PASSED - figure out what the deal is with switching to the new domain, how to put notes online: Sam

PASSED - for now we will put all existing meeting notes on the wiki and alert the fb group of the link: Marty

PASSED - create a wiki login for the Faith and Spirituality group (for anyone in the group to use), put login information in the notebook: Marty

PASSED - put emphasis on having a host present from 9pm through the night, to make sure people don't start going to sleep before midnight!
also to facilitate group meditation session (more on that below)

PASSED - have group meditation time slotted in the schedule, by default, unless needed by another presenter/facilitator who can't do it any other time
Each day 9a - 10a, 9p - 11p - This will be a quiet time that people can enter/leave at will to join a group meditation session. In the evening, this will also serve to discourage people from going to sleep! "Daily communal quiet space is very important for any community." This scheduled block will be inserted into the schedule for each day by default, but may be cancelled in lieu of another service workshop that can't be presented at any other time.

PASSED - we must be sure to keep the Mecca corner clear. this can double as an all purpose meditation space for people to sit whenever anything else is going on that they might not want to participate in.

PASSED - create a "Meditation 101" writeup for the folder, with graphical representation for the illiterate!: Olivia
-this will serve as a foundation for those who are new to meditation, with emphasis that everyone will create their own practice

The space folder will contain the following:
-guidelines for the space
-sacred space host description
-meditation 101
-critical contact numbers, emails, websites, etc...
-description of use/contents of notebook

Signage needs:
something about the sleeping rule, in particular
call for involvement - attend meeting, sign up as sacred space host
brief description of sacred space host responsibilities
tell people where the resource folder is

Meeting ended

Meeting Notes 10.18

Attendance: Martin, Eric, Olivia, Leona, Nate, Veronica

PASSED - create a new cardboard schedule for the next few days: Olivia

Reviewing of Occupy Boston Faith and Spirituality Group Document: " Occupy Together - Creating a Sacred Space at your local Occupation"
addressed typos and edit content
Document accepted by the group.
To be posted to the Occupy Boston wiki and spread via facebook, twitter.

Meeting Notes 10.16


Reading of previous notes

Create a sign to describe the Flower of Life

Working groups are allotted $100 a week from Occupy Boston general fund to improve the space, etc...

Clean the Space

Reviewed Guidelines for the Sacred Space

It is necessary that we respect a variety of views.

Proposal: No personal items to be stored in the Sacred Space tent - PASSED

Proposal: Set times when people can sleep. No more than 3 people can sleep in tent, including the host, and only between the hours of midnight and 8:30am. We need to keep the space available at all hours.

Vigiling, defined: waiting for enlightenment

Proposal: Overnight host must sleep in the tent. PASSED

To be a host, sign up for 3 hour slots.
There is a document that describes the responsibilities of the host:
-upkeep of tent
-remind community members of guidelines
-act as liaison to workshop/service facilitators
-respect silence
-remind people to keep conversations focussed on matters of spirituality, meditation, etc. (not politics and other stressful things!)

Open Source Document being created

There is a facebook group to connect sacred spaces of different occupations - "Occupy Together - Sacred Space Hosts"

Use inclusive language - co-create space - materials
document to help other occupy groups to set up sacred spaces in their camp

Calendar - on site and on line - synchronize at least once a day

shake out blankets at least once a day

We need an on call list of hosts in case there are gaps at critical times

Nightly GA annoncements

Regular GA announcement

Each day, someone from the F&S group should make a group announcement including the following:

Intro to F&S group: keeping the movement rooted in Love
Welcome everyone to share the space, to sit, meditate, pray, sing, stretch, chant whatever you do to reconnect and find balance.
Review tonight's and tomorrow's schedule
Invite others to offer workshops/teachings/discussions
meeting each day at noon to plan for caring and improvement of space
help needed! - Hosts to care for space and keep watch for the community
plug Facebook group/mailing list for online communication (people are watching online!)

Proposal: At 6:30 PM, every night, host calls to do an update on schedule (Heather or Mary Beth). Designated person who has regular online access.

Proposal: We need to be better about getting the most up-to-date schedule to the Occupy Boston website. attn: Devon The Designated Point person will send the latest schedule once a day to Occupy Boston

Question: Is a workshop appropriate? Teaching about consent through the medium of massage. A. yes. Sign up.

Meeting Notes

Attendance: Marty, Patrick, Nick

To help keep our words and actions rooted in LOVE
Global prayer meditations for Peace
At least 8 people generating this field

put in place an agenda before every meeting
bookshelf with clear tarp
review sacred space sign-up sheet

radio with other stations?

media work! - inform the public!

Decided on Regular Agenda Items (listed above)

Decided on Regular GA announcements (listed above)

A message from Ofer from Afar (from Tel Aviv):

Love of our people - revolution of LOVE

find the lowest common denominator for everyone

revolution of love!

they called us pot-smoking hippies, so we rolled up a bunch of joints and had a party!
music, joints and beer!
play games to confuse those who play games and confuse

occupy parlimant, watching

we are flowers, but we must grow some thorns

get a large bank of people by having FUN!

a way to deal with thievery - make a sign that says "Be Careful Thieves"

suggested: separate faith tents so that people feel comfortable with different icons/dieties

bring kids to play! organize with kindergarden teachers!

we have very little time (before winter)
we need to build our numbers, build our community before winter comes, so we can make it through in different forms

regarding racists: "I know we don't like to play with them, but we even need the racists."

we need the whole spectrum, from the far left to the far right

Ofer will help us contact the revolution in Israel
the woman who started it is named Daphne Leaf

"You will not meet fear on the streets.... fear does not exist... we make it up."

"Hope is a produce of fear - we must have belief."