I am Brad Bigelow and have submitted a profile to the Occupy Boston website. (See: "Brad Bigelow") I am not particularly web savvy but email well. I spent 3 nights and 4 days at OccupyDC and 2 nights at OccupyWS. I observed and spoke with several hundred people in Zucotti Park, Freedom Plaza, McPherson Park, and Dewey Sq. These conversations with individuals of many genders, ages, occupations, even classes left several impressions that surprise even an old activist like myself: The emotions and desires of the American people are more focused than main stream media might have one believe; the necessity of starting with Campaign Finance Reform is the single commonest thought I heard articulated in DC; Repealing the Patriot Act is popular in my Sustainability Local area; Retrying Citizens United is popular in WS as well as restoring Glass/Steagall, the understanding of how responsible the investment houses and banks are for the financial crisis is deeper and more astute than one would have expected from a populace with so very little access to information outside of corporate controlled publishing and broadcasting. My partner and I currently provide material support for OB but I would like to contribute more. I am somewhat restricted physically but am in the process of trying to learn how to contribute intellectually. Can you advise me as how I might disseminate the following Proposal for the Boston General Assembly and get it on the agenda's of the nation's other Occupations?

I intend to get similar material to Adbusters in Canada and to other Occupation sites soon. I have read, and responded, to gsmurphy's "Proposal to Prioritize Proposals" on line. It is my first Post to any website ever! I then noticed that everything on the site is "locked down" and out of date anyway. I feel the Occupations are losing momentum in a quagmire of process. We will end up just another "Liberal Group" (I use the term perjoratively or in the Chris Hedges sense of 'liberal"). I feel the time is right for political action and my proposal is addended below. If you know how I might actually, physically, immediately get this proposal onto the GA agenda I would appreciate it. If you can do it yourself or find someone else to present it, and/or reprint it; that is fine. I do not "own" the idea. I am merely starting it. It will start somewhere by someone, soon. I have started sending it around today so if Boston is going to start this, you might want to act immediately. My method is a little more symbolic and a lot more timely than some others. How can you help? How can I help?
PS: Is there a way of getting this Proposal efficiently to the following groups? (The Media tent should have a List Serve or something for similarly dedicated groups.)
All the Occupation GA's, WeArethe99%, Code Pink, Stop The Machine, Veteran's For Peace, Anonymous, Adbusters, Teamsters, etc. etc etc. They are the ones who really get out the participants.
Once this is at GA, it could be Twittered, Facebooked, and YouTubed. Even Obama would have to respond before the conventions!

WHEREAS, as we can all see, not all processes are "scalable" And it did not take long to run up against the technological and temporal difficulties of trying to equally interface more than 150 people.*
And some have already objected to the mutually exclusive solutions proposed for both speediness of responding to proposals and making sure that everyone has advanced notice, opportunity to discuss, and opportunity to respond. That is why every state or organization ends up hierarchical or representational. But the model of "general assemblies" will work well enough while the actual intention is forming an organization of around the current size, under 200 actual participants in each Occupation.

BUT by May 14, 2012 we will need: 3 (sic!) representatives from each of the 50 Sates, WashingtonDC, Puerto Rico, US Samoa, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and other US colonies,
to meet as representatives of the People of The Several States from each OccupyUS site to
draft a new constitution or amendments to the current US Constitution created by the Second Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

SINCE the "Patriot Act of 2001" (sick!) effectively nullified the Bill of Rights, we need to draft, at a minimim, a new First Amendment at that Convention before the DNC and RNC conventions. The formation of an effective third party in the US is no longer possible without first reforming the State Democrat and Republican State Committees therefore we must proceed directly to the Amendment route by threatening an entire new Constitution.

THEREFORE: What say yee to making a proposal at ALL Occupations for a "Call to Convene" at a* Philadelphia convention center on May 14, 2012 for the purpose of drafting several amendments to the US Constitution?
PS: The list of possible amendments include many of the proposals considered at the Occupy WS, Occupy DC and Occupy BOS sites as well as other US Occupations. Having visited all three, I feel a consensus can easily be achieved for prioritizing the need for an amendment to reform campaign finance or, as the signs put it "Take Money Out of Politics". It is a start and just as it has twice before, the Call to Convene should come from Boston. Other commonly heard themes at the Occupations (besides, rage, disenfranchisement, shock, dashed expectations, and moral outrage and shame) translatable into amendments are: establish Single Payer, re-instate Glass/Steagall, change from a War economy to a green/alternative energy economy, and end the Federal Reserve System. It is a start.
Respectfully submitted by Brad Bigelow and Vera Cohen, OccupyBOS
*See: Robin DunbarSee also: Wikipedia "On February 21, 1787, Congress resolved: "It is expedient that on the second Monday in May next a Convention of delegates who shall have been appointed by the several States be held at Philadelphia for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation." On the appointed day, May 14, few representatives were present. The Convention (also known as the Philadelphia Convention) only obtained a quorum—delegates of twelve of the states were there —on May 25."*(that is "a" as "The" will be booked by others as soon as the date for this is leaked). Perhaps just "Occupy" a centrally located Park from May to Nov 3, 2012.