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1. 10/17/2011 - Suggest changing 'world' with 'America'; this movement is gaining ground because it resonates with students as well as working and middle class Americans. We, the American people know we have accomplished our mission when individuals have a greater influence on American politics than corporations and special interests.

2. We will know we accomplished our mission when Americans who are losing their jobs, therefore involuntarily unemployed are protected. We DON'T CHOOSE to lose our jobs.
Involuntarily unemployed Americans should be protected so that they don't end up losing their homes, losing healthcare coverage, are forced to have their children stop attending college, are no longer able to pay their debt and as a result end up in more debt. Many regular Americans lives are destroyed by job loss because corporations CHOOSE to take jobs overseas and pay obscene salaries and bonues, while they lay off workers, or while for those they do keep employed they keep their incomes stagnant just because "we should be happy we have a job; what? do you expect a raise too? no can do - the raises are going in the pockets of execs even when the company is under-performing" - SHAMEFUL